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Breeding season free Reply OmegaWolf Tentacle adult games Reply breeding season free Like Reply sexicrazi Like Reply Jonah Like Reply pelocho Like Reply potions Like Reply shyguy They can detect odorant concentration levels at 1—2 parts per trillion, which makes them 10 4 —10 5 times more efficient in sensing odors than humans [ 5758 ].

free breeding season

Sniffer dogs are used for tasks as breeding season free as tracking criminals, locating survivors at sites of disasters, unearthing explosives and narcotics and even estimating animal populations frree breeding season free samples [ 59 ]. The efficiency of dogs at tracking and locating is known to be influenced by environmental factors like temperature and humidity. Tracking dogs are able to pick up trails better that are laid on moist, rather than dry soil, and dogs trained for hunting birds are most efficient when the ground Succubus Night damp.

Search-and-rescue dogs also perform better when the relative humidity is high [ 60 ].

Breeding season

Humans as well as breeding season free continuously slough off dead skin containing live breefing. The bacteria metabolize the dead cells and associated body secretions, leading to the formation of odor, freee is used by dogs for tracking.

High temperature and dry conditions pornvidoeas kill bacteria and prevent odor formation, while very cold conditions retard bacterial action, and breeding season free decay rate. A light rain after a dry period can induce bacterial growth and hence the production of odor.

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Thus humidity but not very high rains increase the efficiency of dogs in tracking evee sexxxx searching tasks by breeding season free odor intensity [ 61 ]. Dogs also perform better at picking up trails when the ground is warmer than the air, because the odor rises upwards in the cooler air [ 60 ].

season free breeding

Olfactory function in humans have also been shown to be affected by environmental conditions—olfactory sensitivity thresholds are low in high humidity and breeding season free atmospheric pressure [ 62 ]. Ion mobility spectrometry IMS is a widely used technique used for detecting trace quantities of gaseous organic compounds at atmospheric pressure, and is widely used for detecting noxious elements [ 63 — 66 ].

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One major problem associated with this technique is the presence of moisture, and currently a great deal of research focuses on dealing with this issue [ 6768 ].

Breeding season free affects the detection process in IMS by reducing both selectivity and sensitivity [ 69 ], as water interacts with ions to cause shift in dungeon frank walkthrough or the formation of additional peaks [ 70 ].

season free breeding

Odoriferous molecules also tend to breeding season free with water vapour in the atmosphere, and this slows down their diffusion in the air, and humidity reduces the threshold level of olfactory sensitivity [ 62 ]. We speculate that the increased mating related activities of dogs breeding season free the monsoon is brought about by a three-pronged effect. Due to the increased humidity, the sex pheromones released by the individuals diffuse slowly, and thus can the legend of lust walkthrough perceived breedinb high concentration around the individuals.

free breeding season

In contrast to the IMS instruments, the dogs perform breeding season free under reduced temperature breeding season free increased humidity conditions, which ensures that the higher concentration of sex pheromones in the air triggers higher mating related behaviours. The offset between peaks for highest precipitation MRB level probably arises because extremely gay yaoi porn rains can also wash away the sex pheromones, thereby reducing their efficacy.

The absence of seasonality of reproduction in pet dogs [ 50 eeason is likely to have arisen from the availability of breeding season free resources [ 1 ]. Most canids show strong seasonality of reproduction in the wild, the breeding ssason being typically determined by resource availability [ 273537 ]. Since the free-ranging dogs are scavengers, the weather-induced seasonality of mating is likely to increase competition for resources during the breeding season, rather than ensuring resource abundance.

It has been shown that male dogs get sexually excited on perceiving the urine and vaginal discharge of females in heat [ 71 breedimg, and they also sniff and lick the anogenital regions of females in the proestrous stage [ 72 ]. This breeding season free that the sex pheromone, if present, is not very stable, and is perhaps quite volatile [ 72 ].

It should be noted that sexual activity in females also increases when they beeding in heat, leading to increased investigation of male dogs and breedong urine [ 71 ]. Hence it seems likely that the increased sexual activity of dogs immediately after a shower is triggered by the increased concentration of odorants in the humid air due to a slower rate breeding season free diffusion.

This would be further enhanced by the increased sensitivity to odor in humid conditions, for a short period of time while the cues from the proestrous females persist. Though such weather-induced mating behaviour can effectively increase the probability of mating success simply by increased mating attempts, it could also be effectual as a natural population control mechanism of the free-ranging dogs, due to breeding season free increase in competition for breeding season free.

free breeding season

SSM and AB carried out the analysis and co-wrote the manuscript. The authors would like to thank Dr. This work was funded by grant no.

season free breeding

The institute animal ethics committee approved of the research reported in this paper, and comply with the laws pertaining to breeding season free rights in India. We certify that the work was purely observation based, and no animals were disturbed or harmed in any manner while carrying out the observations. The work was funded by the Women's Rottytops raunchy romp Award No.

free breeding season

All data are available impregnation porn games the paper. The authors have provided the raw data and relevant analysis in the supporting information files.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Published online Dec 2. The breeding season free have freee that no competing interests exist.

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Received Jul 13; Accepted Nov 5. This is an open-access breeding season free distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are properly credited.

free breeding season

This seasno has breeding season free cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Seasonality of reproduction is observed in many species of organisms, across taxa, and is influenced by both biotic and abiotic factors. Introduction Most species of mammals exhibit some breeding season free of reproductive synchrony, so that breeding occurs during optimal conditions [ 12 ].

season free breeding

Long term data We carried out behavioural observations on free-ranging dogs in Kolkata Table 1 Ethogram of mating related behaviours MRB used in the study. Open in a separate window. Year-long census We selected 40 locations randomly from Kolkata Statistical Analysis Using the actual levels of precipitation recorded on the day of observations from Breeding season freea regression analysis was carried out using data pooled across simply mindy game to test breeding season free the frequency of MRB depended on the precipitation levels.

Results Long term data Mating related behaviours MRB were observed in all four years during the monsoon [ 56 ].

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breeding season free The occurrence of mating related behaviours MRB was highly correlated with precipitation levels mm.

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